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Dana Turner

Hip Hop performer DANA TURNER had the amazing opportunity to study dance during her studentship, taking classes that allowed her not only to build her skill in dance, but also to develop a care for the craft itself, leaving her inspired to see what she could create. 

She has now gone on from UCSC to now train in the heart of NYC at H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory, a multi-platformed, internationally based NGO for dance (the only one of its kind)! They were founded over 25 years ago by their Artistic Director, Safi A. Thomas with a mission to create sustainability for dancers. To accomplish this, they function under six-foundational pillars which are Pedagogy, Repertory, Advocacy, Medical Research, Infrastructure, and Design. As both a student and Director within the company, she trains six days out of every week, building herself in the six foundational elements of Hip-Hop dance (Party Dance, Popping, Boogaloo, Locking, Rocking, and Breaking). She also performs each season both domestically and internationally with the world-renowned repertory company, H+ | TOTEM®. Happy dancing! 

Selected Performances: